Reporting from Africa

While I was traveling abroad in Dar Es Slaam, Tanzania, I produced a number of print and multimedia pieces. I produced a radio story on my own, highlighting the efforts of one family to take care of AIDS orphans in their community. I also produced video for Current TV about the reaction of people in Dar Es Salaam to the election of Barack Obama as President of the United States.

Additionally, I wrote two stories for U.S.-based newspapers. The first story is a profile of Mark Green, a former congressman in Wisconsin who ran unsuccessfully for governor back in 2006. After losing the gubernatorial race and ending his congressional career, Green thought that his career working for the government could be over. But after the ambassador to Tanzania was forced to resign his post, Green took over (somewhat quietly) until Barack Obama took office this year. Green is continuing his work in Africa, signing on to work for Malaria No More, a D.C.-based organization that works to combat, well, malaria.

Second is a story I did about Tommy Thompson’s charitable work for the Global Network for NTDs, working as a public advocate for the organization and the greater cause of combating neglected tropical diseases. These diseases include things like ringworm, hookworm and elefantiasis- all parasitic diseases that are unheard of in the developed world. If you want to learn more about these diseases that impact over a billion people around the world (but cost less than 50 cents to treat).


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