New Blog Partnership: VISTA Pulse

I’ve recently joined my fellow VISTA and social media enthusiast Robyn Stegman blogging on all things VISTA-related at the VISTA Pulse blog. I should be posting there every two weeks, and although I will be cross-posting them all here as well, you should feel free to check out VISTA Pulse if you’re interested. My first post was a guide to Food Stamps- a resource that most VISTAs come to love, even if they loathe the bureaucracy it entails.

Aw, SNAP! (Or VISTAs and Food Stamps)

Food stamps

Plenty of jobs come with perks. For some these come in the form of company cars, dental insurance, or a spending allowance. For VISTAs, it’s food stamps. On second thought, food stamps aren’t so much a perk as a necessity. The only kind of living you can really do on a VISTA “living stipend” is eat, sleep, and go to work. By taking taking care of the “eat” part, food stamps help you feel a little less broke at the end of the month.

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