From VISTA Pulse: Calling All VISTAs

The following post is excerpted from VISTA Pulse, a blog run for- and by- AmeriCorps VISTAs

Friends, VISTAs, Americans, lend me your voices (tweets, YouTubes, blogs, etc).

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but certain recent events have called into question the future of Americorps. Now, as current federal employees we’re not allowed to formally “lobby” on either side of this issue, so I would never ask you to do that. However, speaking as a VISTA, I think one of the biggest problems of AmeriCorps as a whole is people simply do not know what it is, who we are, or what work we are doing in the community.

Even the AmeriCorps Pledge doesn’t help clarify things- “Getting things done” for Americorps doesn’t exactly spell it out.

So, here’s my simple proposal, fellow VISTAs: let’s write our own history. In the age of social media and such interconnectedness, there’s no reason for us to remain silent. At the very least we can tell OUR OWN stories, and maybe we can inspire others to take the less-trodden path and dedicate themselves to serving others. Maybe we can ensure that public service remains a priority in this country.

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