The following are some samples of my professional work, including print and multimedia pieces, and links to trainings and examples of other services I have provided.

Connect with me and find an up-to-date version of my resume here: Please feel free to contact me with any questions at


The Tanzanian ambassador: Mark Green reflects on his experiences in Africa,” The Isthmus, 1/15/09

Thompson vs. Tropical Diseases; He Donates His Time for a Global Effort,” Wisconsin State Journal, 1/18/09



Aw, SNAP (Or VISTAs and Food Stamps), VISTA Pulse blog

“The Takeaway: The How & Why of Nonprofit Communications,” Compassion Takes Action blog



“Family Fosters AIDS Orphans,” Self Reported, Tanzania

“Madison Street Newspaper,” WPR News (Reporter) – streaming RealMedia

“Life as Entertainment,” To the Best of Our Knowledge (Producer)- streaming

“CardinalCast Episode #3”,  The Daily Cardinal (Executive Producer)



My AmeriCorps Story,” AmeriCorps VISTA (VISTA Volunteer Reporter)

“The Guardian Angels of Madison,” Current TV (Producer)

Reactions to the Election of Barack Obama in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, Current TV (VC2 Producer), Current TV (VC2 Producer)


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