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The Takeaway: 9 Ways to Reduce Stress

The following is cross-posted from Compassion Takes Action, the blog at The Volunteer Center of Northwest Suburban Chicago, where I currently work as an Americorps VISTA

Our latest workshop at The Volunteer Center was presented by Jerry Pinney, who is a professional coach and . The workshop was all about how people in the non-profit world can reduce the amount stress both in their lives and in their workplace. His lessons seemed especially valuable in our current situation, with so many organizations facing rising needs for their services but decreasing funding from state and other sources. Needless to say we’re all just a little bit stressed. So, here were nine things that Jerry said everyone can do to reduce stress every single day (along with my comments on some of them):

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Sample Social Media Policies for Non-Profits

This is a selection of a post from my blog at work, Compassion Takes Action.

If you are involved with a non-profit that uses social media, or if you’re looking to venture into that arena with your organization, it’s important to have a common-sense policy in place that gives your employees some idea of what’s appropriate and what is not. While the policies may seem common sense, having an official stance on what’s appropriate and what isn’t can prevent plenty of headaches.

Adapted from comments on a post on “Beth’s Blog,” the policy points listed below are originally from the Easter Seals. It’s a policy can easily be used for any non-profit, especially when there’s no formal one in place. At the very least, they’re things to keep in mind as you move forward in your own blogging endeavors.

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